After a successful launch in which Women Awake PAC supported progressive women candidates in the 2018 Wake County Commissioner primary election held in May 2018, we are delighted to announce that we have expanded the slate of progressive women candidates who we are endorsing in local races in the Wake County general election in November 2018.

Wake County Board of Commissioners:

  • Jessica Holmes – District 3
  • Susan Evans – District 4
  • Vickie Adamson – District 7

WCPSS Board of Education:

  • Monika Johnson-Hostler – District 2
  • Christine Kushner – District 6
  • Kathy Hartenstine – District 7
  • Lindsay Mahaffey – District 8

Wake Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor:

  • Nervahna Rachelle Crew
  • Jennifer Austin Wadsworth

These outstanding women have valuable experience, and bring progressive views and values.  They are ready and willing to serve Wake County to safeguard and improve our public education system, our environment, our investment in infrastructure and services, social justice in our community, and public governance.  Women Awake PAC is proud to endorse these capable and dedicated candidates for local office.

Why focus on local government?

Women are still underrepresented in most levels of elected office.  Women Awake PAC recognizes that this imbalance is leaving valuable talent on the bench, minimizing the impact of women’s perspectives and priorities, and reducing opportunities for women – not just in government, but across society.  Addressing the imbalance requires focus at every level.

Emily’s List and other national groups work to elect progressive women at the federal level. Lillian’s List of NC and other state groups focus on electing progressive women at the state level.  What has been missing in NC, until now, is a group dedicated to electing progressive women at the local level.

Women Awake Political Action Committee was organized in 2018 to fill that gap, and to support the election of progressive women to offices in local communities across North Carolina.  We know that when women are in leadership positions, they will enable children and families to thrive.  We also know that if we activate additional progressive women leaders at the local level, we can expect that, over time, some of them will build upon that experience to later serve at the state and federal levels, creating a Pipeline for Progress.

Wake County is our first focus, and we plan to expand to other counties and cities in future elections.

To learn more about our endorsed candidates, and why we believe they are well-qualified and deserve your support, please see Our Candidates page on the WOMEN AWAKE PAC website.