How Can I Contribute?

  • You can contribute online on the Contribute page of our website.
  • You can send a personal check made out to Women Awake PAC to P.O. Box 505, Raleigh, NC 27602. (We cannot accept corporate checks or cash.)

How Much Can I Contribute?

Individual contributors may contribute up to $5,200 to Women Awake PAC per election cycle.  We gratefully appreciate all individual contributions of any size up to this maximum amount allowed by law.

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

No, contributions to the PAC are not tax-deductible.

Can I Use My Corporate Card or Corporate Account to Contribute?

No, contributions are only allowed from individuals. Contributions must be personal (i.e., not paid with a corporate account or credit card) and voluntary (i.e., your employer cannot force you to make a contribution or make such contribution a requirement for employment).  We respectfully request that Partners of Partnerships and Members of LLC’s contribute individually, instead of through their respective business entity.

Where Does the Money Go?

Women Awake PAC resource allocation varies in different election cycles. In general, the resources are used in the ways that we believe can maximize voter education and persuasion for endorsed candidates. Funds may be used for direct contributions to candidates, and also may be used for printing, mailing, advertising, salaries, or other direct expenses of the PAC.

How Can I Help Beyond a Financial Contribution to Women Awake PAC?

Please visit the rest of Women Awake PAC website, and our social media sites, including our Facebook page. Help us get out the word on Women Awake PAC! Like us, follow us, and share us with your friends!

Please also learn more about our current Endorsed Candidates. Like them and follow them on social media; share their information with your friends. Consider attending candidate forums and fundraisers, and volunteering to support their campaign efforts.

Finally, a great way to help women candidates is to get women to the polls! Please vote, encourage your family and friends and co-workers to vote, and engage with groups that are leading “Get Out The Vote” campaigns to increase participation in elections.

How are Endorsed Candidates Chosen?

We are committed to endorsing only progressive women candidates for local office. We expect our endorsed candidates to demonstrate progressive views on public education, non-discrimination, women’s reproductive freedom, environmental protection and conservation, economic development, public housing and transportation, and other issues.

Additionally, as a new organization, we are only active in Wake County in 2018, but plan to expand to other counties in future election cycles.

How Can I Apply for Women Awake PAC Endorsement?

Progressive women candidates for local offices may contact us to indicate interest in applying for endorsement. Those candidates in a county in which we are active, or in which we may become active in the near future, will be asked to complete a questionnaire, and may be asked to have an in-person interview with one or more Board members. Based on the Board’s assessment of factors including but not limited to a candidate’s county, position sought, campaign and opponent, stated views and past record, the Board will select candidates for endorsement.

What If I Have Additional Questions That Aren’t Answered Here?

We invite you to reach us through the Contact page on our website.